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ASIC Development

Pronesis Technologies strives to be the perfect partner for all Semiconductor Companies helping them in development of System on Chip (SoC), ASIC and FPGA products.
With ever increasing complexity in chip development cycle, all semiconductor companies need reliable partner with experienced engineering team offering effective and flexible solution.
Our teams of expert engineers are capable of taking up full responsibility of the task or help out as part of extended team. Pronesis team brings flexibility by working in different geographies depending on need. With highest focus on Quality and Productivity, our talented engineers provide most effective and efficient solutions for all aspects of ASIC development.

Pronesis can provide services in

  •  RTL design and integration
  •  Synthesis, STA and equivalence checking
  •  ASIC Physical Design
  •  FPGA implementation
  •  Module and full-chip verification
  •  Pre and Post silicon validation
  •  Verification using
        o Verilog, SystemVerilog, ‘e’, SystemC, etc
        o UVM, OVM, etc.
  •  Verification IP development