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“Pronesis stands as a worldwide provider of product engineering services, specializing in semiconductor design and encompassing expertise in embedded and ASIC Development services. Our organization has demonstrated its proficiency in ASIC design, spanning from specification to silicon, and other comprehensive services. Throughout its history, Pronesis has built a robust reputation for the successful completion of numerous projects for clients in diverse domains across the international landscape.”

What We Do

ASIC Development

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Pronesis Technologies provides services in areas of RTL development, FPGA implementation, Module and full-chip level verification, Pre and Post silicon validation, Verification IP development in Verilog, SystemVerilog using UVM, OVM, etc.

ASIC Physical Design Services

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Pronesis Technologies provides all services in area of Physical Design. These services include Top and block level physical implementation, Analog block integratin, Floorplanning, Clock tree synthesis, Place & Route, Timing closure, Physical verification, IR Drop/EM/SI analysis and closure, etc.

Embedded Development

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Pronesis Technologies provides services in areas of Hardware design, Firmware development, BSP and Driver development, Middleware development and optimization, System Software development, QA and testing, etc.