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IoT Services

Our IoT services are at the forefront of transforming businesses into agile, data-driven powerhouses. Seamlessly integrating the physical and digital worlds, we empower you to navigate the complexities of the modern landscape with ease. At Pronesis, we understand that connectivity is not just a feature but a necessity in today’s fast-paced environment. Our IoT services go beyond the ordinary, offering a suite of solutions designed to elevate your operations.

What sets our IoT services apart is our unwavering focus on customization. Recognizing that each industry and business has its own unique demands, we tailor our solutions to fit seamlessly into your ecosystem. Whether you’re looking to optimize device management, harness the power of data analytics, or fortify your IoT infrastructure with robust security measures, we’ve got you covered.

IoT solutions tailored for your business, We specialize in:

  • Low Power Hardware Design: Crafted for efficiency, longevity, and sustainability.
  • Firmware Development: Cutting-edge and reliable firmware solutions.
  • Platforms: Expertise in 8/16/32 bit controllers like ARM, MIPS, AVR, TI, MCHP.
  • M2M Connectivity: Seamless communication via WiFi, Ethernet, GSM, NFC, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Z-wave.
  • Cloud Platforms: Integration with AWS, Azure, Pachubee/Xively, and custom cloud platforms.
  • Technological Expertise: Proficient in Java, REST, Servlet, SQL, Android, iOS, Windows, J2ME.
  • Social Integration in Firmware: Stay connected with integrated Twitter, Facebook, and more.